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In our unique setting in Hungary/Central Europe we will provide the means to allow small to medium sized domestic and foreign industrial producers to establish and thrive with their industrial operation. The purpose of our Company activity will be to provide a good financial return for the Company's investors as well as jobs, income and career development for our Employees and an ideal business environment which will allow our Customers to prosper. The results of our activities will be to deliver thousands of good paying jobs and add good profitable businesses to strengthen the Hungarian economy. The Corporate Group will employ and train talented experienced people to achieve our objectives.

About Us

Sóstó Property Development Ltd (Sóstó) formed the first privately owned industrial park following the change in government in 1990. Sóstó was instrumental in establishing other industrial parks and assisting international companies coming to Hungary. The largest park is located in Székesfehérvár and is called Loranger Sóstó Industrial Park. More than 1.5 billion Euros have been invested in this park. Its more than 10,000 employees produce greater than 3 billion Euros of sales annually with most directed at foreign markets.

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Sóstó Property Development Ltd.

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Himile Europe Ltd. in Sóstó Industrial Park
The Chinese Himile Group has just launched a new vulcanizing-forms manufacturing plant in Sóstó Industrial Park from 1,4 billion HUF, now the closed first step of the investment will be followed by further developments. In Himile plans there are developments of billions of HUF for the coming years. The plant is on 3100 square meter now but it can be expanded to 6000 m2 and the current 50 employees will be 200 in the next 3-5 years due to the constant recruitment and training.